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Septic Tank Inspection

insert concrete septic septic tank to earlier dug down

Your septic system is no doubt one of the most important features of your home. Something that you simply cannot do without, you want to be doing everything that you can to keep your tank in its best shape at all times. But if you aren’t keeping up with regular inspections, it can be hard to do that and you could end up missing an important issue. So, you need to make sure that you have a team supporting you with frequent inspections so that you’re never unexpectedly left without an operational tank. And, of course, you know that you can always rely on us for that. At Dogwood Septic, we offer a reliable septic inspection service and we would be more than happy to come and bring it to you, as often as you require it.


Wastewater Inspection 

When it comes to checking up on your septic tank, the first thing to do is inspect the wastewater level. It is always good to know how full your tank is, as it will allow you to make the most prudent choice concerning your next pumping service. At the same time, if there is an obvious issue with the water collected, this could also point us in the direction of an issue somewhere within the plumbing or the functionality of the leach field.


Physical Damage Inspection 

At the same time, you are going to want to have us inspect the physical state of your tank, to ensure that there are no signs of damage. Even the smallest defects can quickly worsen and lead to much more serious issues, which could threaten both the safety of your home and the health of you and your family. So, our team is always thorough when inspecting a system, making sure that we inspect the full extent of the system, to ensure that there is no chance of damage.


Drainage Checks 

After this, our team will test out your plumbing systems to ensure that every one of them is allowing the water to drain away without a problem. Drainage issues can be a serious fault in a septic system and you certainly wouldn’t want to suffer any yourself. So, allow us to put your drainage systems to the test so that we can ensure that your tank is going to be working as intended at all times.


Leach Field Testing 

Perhaps the most important part of your septic system outside of your septic tank is your leach field. You cannot keep a septic system operating if the leach field is failing and so, it is crucial that this be thoroughly inspected on a regular basis, too. Fortunately for you, our team takes great care whenever we are checking a leach field and we’ll run various quick tests to make sure that everything is healthy and sustainable. That way, we can guarantee you that you’ll be able to rely on your system for the foreseeable future, without any concerns.

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