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Septic System Installation

septic tank being lowered into ground.

When you are looking for a new septic system in the city of Jackson, MS, we are always the first team that you should call. The most widely trusted and most accomplished team of septic professionals, you can always count on us for the highest caliber systems and installations. We customize every system to the needs of our clients and the allowance of their land, meaning that when you come to us, you’ll always be given the most suitable system for you. So, if you are looking for a reliable, sustainable, and affordable new septic system for your home, you know that you need to get in contact with us, at Dogwood Septic.


Septic Tank Fitting
The most important part of your septic system is your septic tank. You need to find a tank that is going to be suitable enough for the demands of your household and you need one that is going to be strong and lasting enough to provide for you for many years. For that, our team can be of service and we can promise you a tailored septic tank, which will be more than capable of covering the needs of any busy household. Simply let us know what your usual wastewater output is and we can fit you the perfect tank.


Piping and Plumbing
Following on from this, you are going to need to have your tank properly connected and plumbed into the rest of your system. You need to have quality drainage for your system to work properly and that means choosing a high standard of piping. That is just what our team will bring to you and we’ll be capable of customizing your plumbing system, so that it is able to operate smoothly with your septic system. Our team are specialists in septic piping and so, you can bet that we’ll have just the things for your installation.


Leach Field Installation
Aside from your septic tank, your leach field is one of the most crucial elements of your entire septic system. Without a fully functioning leach field, you cannot return safe water to the water table and that means that your septic system could be backing up with unsafe, potentially harmful fluid. But luckily, that will never have to be a concern of yours as our team has plenty of experience designing leach fields and so, you can rest assured that yours will be ideal for your needs.


Grease Traps and Other Features
In addition to the standard septic system, our team is able to bring you various other useful features if you would like them added, as well. For example, making the addition of a grease trap kit to your septic system might be one of the best things that you could do in the way of longevity and maintenance. Features like these ensure better functionality for your system and so, if there are any that you would like us to install, we would be more than capable.

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