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Septic Repair

newly repaired septic tank

While all modern septic tanks are durable and long-lasting, they aren’t invincible. In fact, there are many ways that your septic system can become damaged and that has the potential to lead to various more serious issues if left unattended. So, if you notice any signs that your system might be damaged in some way, you need to seek out help fast. And, for that, you know that you can always rely on the exemplary septic repair services of our team. At Dogwood Septic, we can offer you any kind of repairs that you need and can do so rapidly and reliably, every time. You simply need to give us a call about your specific issues and our team can be there right away, with a tailored solution.


Drainage Problems 

Some of the most common problems that can occur in a septic system are drainage issues. There are various ways that your drainage system can start malfunctioning and these can quickly lead to problems for both your tank and the surrounding environment. Leaks and blockage have the potential to turn much more serious in a very short period of time and so, if you do happen to find any drainage problems, you need to be having these fixed right away. Luckily, our team has handled countless similar problems over the years and so, we can promise you a viable solution without any trouble.


Ground Movement 

Another potentially serious problem is ground movement. If the earth around your septic system can shift and move, it could lead to your septic tank becoming unstable, which, in turn, could be the cause of cracking, splitting, and further physical damages. This isn’t something that you want to be allowing to happen and so, if you see that your tank has been able to shift even by a few inches, it is always best to give us a call to come and check it out.


Collapsed Baffle 

For a septic system to operate properly, both waste chambers need to be fully functional and kept separated. However, when your tank sustains a collapsed baffle, all of that goes out the window. Now, you could be facing very serious issues with your system and that could very easily cause wider problems for your house and land. So, be sure to get on the phone with our team as quickly as you can if you find that this issue ever becomes true of your tank.


Septic Replacements 

While our team always does our best to deliver direct and lasting repairs, we know that this isn’t always possible. When the extent of the problem is too great or will be too costly, we know it is always wiser to opt for a replacement system. And, if we find that to be best for your system as well, you can trust us to take care of the entire task. We’ll find a suitable replacement for your household and make sure that your failing system is safely removed so that you can get back to safe and functional water systems once more.

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