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Septic Pumping

cleaning household septic tank

When it comes to caring for your septic tank, nothing is more important than septic tank pumping. As your tank naturally fills with wastewater, it is going to come closer to its capacity. Before it can fill completely, you have to have it completely emptied, so that you can avoid the unpleasant circumstances of bursts of flooding. And, for that, you are going to need a professional tank pumping service, from a team that you can trust to deliver results safely and effectively. For that, you can always count on our team. At Dogwood Septic, we offer the highest standard of septic tank pumping services to our clients, for bother residential and commercial septic tanks. Simply give us a call when yours is nearing the brim and we’ll be there to come and deliver you a complete pumping job.


Reliable Tank Pumping

Our team is the most reliable option that you could pick for your tank pumping needs and that is why we are the most widely trusted team around. Thanks to our industry-grade pumping equipment and years’ worth of experience, we know what it takes to deliver the highest standard service. We deliver our services with the utmost precision and care, ensuring a safe and secure job every time. So, the next time you need your tank pumped, be sure to make the wisest choice and trust us.


How Often Should You Empty Your Tank? 

How often you should empty your tank very much depends on how great your wastewater output is. For example, if you have a family of more than five, you are going to be outputting more than the average volume of water, while a couple living alone will produce much less. So, it is always good to check how full your tank is getting frequently so that you can have it done at the optimal time. This should usually be between every 3-5 years, however, you can always call on our team for an inspection if you are unsure.


Routine Services 

The most important thing to remember with emptying your tank is that it is an ongoing job. You are going to need to have it emptied every time it fills up and so, you might like to take care of our routine services. Whenever we come to serve you, we can schedule your appointment ahead of time and make sure that your tank is never left without pumping for longer than it should be.


Affordable Prices 

Based on our experience, the most important reason that you should be seeking out all of your septic tank pumping services with us is that we offer the most affordable prices anywhere around. You can always count on our team to deliver you the professional pumping job that you need for less because we understand just how essential it is. We would never leave one of our clients without the service that they need and so, we are only too happy to offer our support for such low rates.

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