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Leach Field and Drain Field Repair

a pipe line system for septic tank

Your leach field is arguably the most important part of any functioning septic system. In charge of restoring a pure and natural state to your wastewater, you need your leach field to be operating without any issues if you are going to sustain your system for the long term. However, there are various issues that can occur to a drain field and these can potentially lead to your entire system failing. So, if you find that there are any obvious signs that your leach field is failing, you need to make sure that you contact us straight away. At Dogwood Septic, we can come and offer you leach field repair services immediately and do what we can to restore your system. Simply let us know the issues that you are suffering and we’ll come with the most suitable solution in rapid times.


How to Know if There is a Problem with Your Leach Field?

Knowing if your leach field is failing can actually be much easier than noticing an issue elsewhere in the system. There are various tell-tale signs to look out for and if you find one, you know that you need to be giving us a call right away. If your drains have been backing up, gurgling, or exuding foul odors whenever you use the water, this can spell out a problem. At the same time, if you find too much or too little grass growth over your field, water collecting on the surface, or even if there is slime or sludge present on your lawn, this is clear evidence of a problem.


Clogged System Repairs 

While many damaged leach fields simply cannot be fixed with regular methods of repairs, there is always the chance that it could be a blockage that is causing the problem. So, our team will run a full inspection of your tank and plumbing to find out for sure. And, if so, we’ll do what we can to remove the backup, so that your leach field can begin draining and handling the water in the right way.


Leach Field Replacement 

More often than not, however, you are going to need a leach field replacement. When a leach field fails, it is nearly always more effective to opt for a newer, properly functioning system, so that the same issues are halted from occurring. And, for that, our team is always the ones to call. Swiftly, we can come and take care of a seamless replacement that returns regular functionality to your septic system once more.


Affordable Prices 

Whenever you have a problem with your leach field, it is vital that you get it fixed right away. Our team understands this and we want to make sure that we can help out any one of our clients when they call us. That is why we offer our leach field repair services for the most affordable prices anywhere around so that everybody can turn to us when they need a helping hand.

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