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About Our Team

an excavation for septic tank installation

When you are looking for the highest caliber of septic solutions in Jackson, MS, you always need to be turning to us. Our name is Dogwood Septic and we are the most widely trusted, most accomplished team of septic service professionals anywhere in the region. For many years now, we have been supplying both the residents and companies of our community with our outstanding range of products and services and helping many to receive reliable water access inside their homes for the first time. And, if you have also been looking for support to do the same, you can trust us to help you realize it. We offer the most complete and most effective support anywhere in the region and so, you can place your faith in our dedicated crew members every single time.

Since our inception, our sole focus has been to make the lives of our clients better. We understand the importance that a quality septic system can have for many and that is what we are determined to deliver, as often as possible. Every one of our team members feels committed to this goal and works hard to achieve it every day. And while that no doubt sets us out from the rest, that isn’t the only reason why so many people choose to trust us each year. That can be accredited to our exemplary standards for customer service and personal care, which everybody knows is a cut above the rest. So, the next time you are looking to get more from your septic provider, you know we are the team to call.

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