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Septic Tank Services

under installation concrete septic tank

Having your own septic system can be liberating. If you aren’t able to rely on the public water systems to take care of your wastewater, it means that you can finally start using the home appliances that anybody else normally would. It allows you to make use of water at home without any concerns and you can’t put a price on that.

But what you can do is make sure that you are opting for the very best septic services available to you and trusting in your leading local team. So, if you are looking for superior septic services in the city of Jackson, MS, that means that you need to be calling on our team.

About Us 

The premier supplier of all things septic in Jackson, we are Dogwood Septic. For many years now, we have been helping out families and businesses with our outstanding range of products and services, allowing many to freely make use of water for the very first time. Nothing is more rewarding for us and we truly feel dedicated to the line of work that we do. So, if you are looking for an experienced, knowledgeable, and above all else caring team, you know you can always rely on us.

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    Our Services

    man emptying the household septic tank
    a backhoe truck beside the new septic tank
    concrete septic holding tanks in the ground

    No other septic company in Jackson can match us for quality or the vast range of services that we have to offer. Our team can be there to help you install your first septic tank, just as much as we can be every time you need it emptying and cleaning. All you ever need to do is give us a call about your unique requirements and we can be there to provide you with the tailored solution that you have been looking for.

    Septic Pumping
    Septic Tank Inspection
    Hydro-Jet Cleaning

    Septic Pumping 

    The most important service that you are going to need for your septic system is septic pumping. You simply can’t ignore such an important job and you need to be enlisting specialist septic tank pumping services as often as your tank fills up. And, when that time next comes around, make sure that you are working with the very best. Give our team a call, at Dogwood Septic, and ensure yourself of the safest, swiftest, and most effective septic tank emptying services.


    Septic Tank Inspection  

    It can be hard to know when there is an issue with your septic tank. However, even the smallest problems can turn into serious ones when left untreated. So, to make sure that you are never hit with any unexpected bad circumstances, you need to be keeping up with regular septic tank inspections. Luckily for you, our team is always available to come and run inspections of our clients and you can trust in our methods of analysis for precise and reliable appraisals.


    Hydro-Jet Cleaning 

    When we do eventually come to empty your septic tank, we always recommend that our clients take advantage of our quality septic tank cleaning service. The most effective of these being our hydro-jet cleaning, there simply is no better septic tank maintenance for you to enlist and no better way to ensure yours stays working optimally. Simply allow our team to make use of our industry-grade cleaning tools and you can expect to be delivered a superior standard of septic tank cleaning.

    a mountain of sand beside the underground septic tank
    male worker cleaning the septic tank
    man standing on the ground markings

    Septic Repair
    Septic System Installation
    Leach Field and Drain Field Repair

    Septic Repair 

    Of course, it is always possible for your septic system to become damaged and that can be a genuine cause for concern. You can’t leave any issues untreated, as this could quickly lead to many more serious problems. So, at the first signs of any issues, be sure to give our team a call, at Dogwood Septic. We can come and deliver you our rapid and reliable septic repair service to get your system back to full functionality and affirm that you aren’t going to have to suffer any more problems in the future.


    Septic System Installation 

    While you already know that we can take care of the installation of your septic tank, you might be pleased to hear that we can handle the rest of the system, too. Our team is more than happy to take care of a complete septic system installation for any of our clients, accounting for every part and element that is required for the optimum functionality. All you need to do is explain your demands for water and your likely output, and we can tailor you the most suitable septic system.


    Leach Field and Drain Field Repair 

    Every septic system needs to have a fully operational leach field if it is going to be able to sustain itself for the long-term. You simply cannot rely on a system without a proper drainage field and that is why, if you notice that yours has any issues, you must get them resolved as soon as possible. You wouldn’t want to risk the serious environmental issues that could come from having a faulty drain field and so, you always want to be giving us a call when you notice a problem.

    a pipe line system for septic tank
    newly repaired septic tank
    cleaning household septic tank

    Contact Us Today

    At Dogwood Septic, we are always glad to be given the chance to assist another Jackson resident and we would be much the same with you. So, if you think that any of our services could be of use to you, be sure to give us a call and trust us to deliver what you need.

    “The team at Dogwood Septic are true professionals. Thanks to them, I have a fully operational septic system for my family of 7 and it didn’t leave me out of pocket. They installed a quality system and explained every detail, giving me a fantastic price at the end of it all, too.” – Casey R

    “Dogwood Septic did an excellent job with the restoration of my failing leach field recently. Without their help, I never would have been able to put it right so fast and I can’t thank them enough for the rapid response.” – Owen A

     “Everybody should be going to Dogwood Septic for their septic services. They are always so reliable and offer septic tank pumping and cleaning for amazing prices.” – Katherine V